Ask for a quick free credit in Viaconto up to € 300

Image result for viacontoIn Viaconto you can request fast loans of up to 600 euros at 30 days, even with ASNEF and without payroll. The first loan is free for new customers (up to 300 euros).


First free credit
No Payroll:
Do not
With Asnef:
Do not

Minimum term:
7 days
30 days
Minimum loan:
€ 50
Maximum loan:
€ 600

Viaconto additional information

 Minicredit company instantly Viaconto belongs to ViaSMS group, present throughout Europe with several brand names such as Twinero. They offer quick credits in minutes to all types of clients, including people listed in ASNEF .

The first credit in Viaconto is free and without interest but you can only ask for up to 300 euros, you ask for 300 euros and you return after 30 days 300 euros, or one euro more.

To get the urgent money you need in Viaconto, there are no questions, you do not need any kind of endorsement or paperwork, the process lasts about 10 minutes and if the credit is accepted, the money is immediately transferred to your account. The only thing you will need is to have some type of income (it does not need to be payroll) and it does not matter if you appear on the defaulter list as it offers loans with ASNEF , provided that the registered debt does not exceed 1,000 euros.

The amount of money that can be requested in Viaconto ranges from € 50 to € 600 with a return period of between 7 and 30 days . If you can not return the credit on time, you can request an extension of 7, 14 or 30 days in exchange for a commission for the postponement.

Steps to apply for a credit in Viaconto

The application process is quite easy when requesting the urgent money you need. First you have to access the website , you can access from the bottom button:

When accessing the web you will see on the right side a box where you have to mark the amount of money you need and the term, by selecting the amount and days you will see clearly the cost of the mini credit, the day of return and the amount to return . If you agree with the conditions follow the following steps:

1.- Fill in the online mini-credit application

In the central part there is a form that you must fill in with your personal and contact information . It is especially important to correctly indicate the mobile phone number as it is the number indicated to which an SMS is sent with a key to be able to accept the credit.
After filling out the personal data you have to choose a password, with it you can then access the private area of ​​Viaconto client to accept the loan with the code they have sent to the mobile, make inquiries or request money in the future.
In the last part of the form you must indicate the bank account in which you want to receive the money and some basic information on employment status and monthly income. Do not forget to check the box where you accept the terms of use, general and privacy policy before continuing

2.- Data verification

After filling out the form in the previous section and clicking on the ” continue ” button, you have to choose a data verification procedure. There are 2 options available, or send the necessary documents scanned by email (Copy of ID, receipt to check account number, etc.) or use the automatic process Instantor to verify the data automatically saving time and getting the credits without papers or documentation.

3.- Credit granting

In a few minutes you will receive an SMS from on your mobile phone informing about whether the quick mini-credit has been approved or rejected. If the answer is affirmative, a code is included that you must enter in your client’s private zone to accept the credit, if the resolution has been negative in the SMS they indicate the reason why the operation has been rejected.

4.- Accept the credit and receive the money

The last step is to enter the client area and accept the conditions of the immediate loan. To accept it, you must enter the password Viaconto sent via SMS. At the same moment in which the client signs with the key the money is transferred to his current account, if the account belongs to one of the banks with which Viaconto works, the money arrives instantly and the money can be withdrawn.


The entire process from accessing the website until the money is received lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, if you choose the option to send the documentation by email, it may take a few more minutes until it is checked.

How to return a credit in Viaconto

To return the money to Viaconto you have to make a bank transfer to one of your accounts, in the customer area you can see all of them, which have several banks with a deadline date of expiration of the mini-credit for the whole plus interest. The exact amount can be viewed in the customer area.

If before the day of payment arrives the client believes that he will not be able to return the money, it is necessary to request a postponement for 7, 14 or 30 days. When requesting the postponement, one must enter into one of the Viaconto accounts a fee that varies depending on the requested extension days.

If the loan is not returned and the deferment is not requested, a 1% interest will be charged daily . If the non-payment continues, costs may also be charged for the corresponding claims.

Requirements to obtain an urgent credit in Viaconto

Although fast credit companies do not require too many requirements to grant small amounts of money each has its own criteria, in the case of Viaconto the requirements to obtain one of these small credits instantly are the following:

  • Having the residence in Spain , is checked with ID or NIE.
  • Being between 25 and 65 years of age, applications from other ages will be rejected.
  • Do not have outstanding debts that appear in ASNEF or RAI files above € 1,000 .
  • Demonstrate a source of income , serves payroll, unemployment benefit, pension or others.
  • Have a mobile number in which to receive the keys to accept the credit.
  • Have an email account
  • Be the holder of a bank account in which to receive the money.

Simply complying with all the above requirements and without having to provide any other guarantee, guarantee or documentation will be enough to get the money you need in Viaconto.

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Advantages of Viaconto credits

Image result for advantagesThe main advantage offered by to people who need quick money is the simplicity and speed of the procedure , there are no waiting times and the resolution is obtained in a few minutes.

Another feature is that it grants mini-credits with ASNEF, being one of the few companies of this type that serve customers with ASNEF or RAI , provided that the debts that appear do not exceed 1,000 euros.

Another feature to keep in mind is that you can use the data verification through Instantor , which speeds up the process and prevents paperwork and having to be aware of documentation, through this system you can get the answer to the credit request snapshot.

No guarantee or collateral is requested, the loan only has a personal guarantee.

Remember that in our section of quick credits you can compare Viaconto’s offer with other companies so you can always choose the best option for your money needs.

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